Preview some Multiple Warheads interior and cover art by Brandon Graham!

Multiple Warheads (Whale Restaurant) by Brandon Graham
That dude Brandon Graham dropped a new blog post this week, including a link to the Prophet #28 preview I posted yesterday. Anytime Brandon links to my blog, traffic spikes dramatically. I'll show my gratitude by stealing some of his art and posting it here, 'cause that's how the eff I roll...

Okay, so up top we have a double-page spread from a future issue of Multiple Warheads. Yeah, that's right! The Futuuuure... Here's a couple covers from future Multiple Warheads issues as well.  

Both of these issues have elements that are scanned from other sources. That's so hip hop... I won't give away his samples, though. If you want that info and more commentary from the artist's own mouth fingers, click here to check Brandon's latest blog post, which also has more behind the scenes what-nots from Prophet, as well as more content and links in the mighty Graham manner.


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