Comicbook World #66 - Cougar's son goes Wolverine on roommate!

In comics, a hero's greatest enemy is often a friend gone bad. From the looks of it, life is imitating art again in Vernal, Utah where 19 year old Kristofer Ryan Huff allegedly attacked his roommate with Wolverine claws for giving his moms the ole fastball special...

The erstwhile Romeo (who wasn't named in the reports) and Huff had reportedly been best friends since childhood. That may explain why he initially told police at the emergency room that he had been attacked by a group of strangers on the street. Investigators found blood in the roommates' home, and eventually coaxed the truth out of him.
In addition to putting stripes on his (ex) man, Huff also sliced his mom across the arm when she tried to pull  him off her young boytoy. Without going so far as to say it was justified, I will say that Romeo (and the mom for that matter) got off easy. Seeing as he wounded Romeo on the head and thigh, I would say he was looking to kill, not just scare him. The fact that he took a chunk out of his mom too might suggest he was in full berserk mode, so this could have easily been a double homicide, instead of aggravated assault. 
This is a sad, sordid story that would fit right into the origin of a modern comicbook villain. Hell, isn't Sabertooth Wolverine's dad in the comics? I can't keep up with Logan's constantly evolving backstory... Huff is out on bond and scheduled to return to trial next month. Hopefully for him, he can get a jury that sees him as more antihero than villain. As for me, I don't know if there are any good guys in this story.

BEFORE I FORGET: The dude in the the photo above isn't Kristofer Huff. His name is Johnathan Elwell, and he made those claws out of old ice skates (No, really! Click here, bub!). To my knowledge he has never attacked anyone with them, but I would advise staying away from his mom just to be sure.



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