#SheGoHard Sa-Roc Forever

Sa-Roc looks like she is dressed for a Black Panther premier everyday, and spits like she is the source of the Thundercats' power.  I'm setting the bar high, but after you watch this video for Forever, the lead single for her upcoming Rhymesayers album, you'll see I wasn't kidding...

LEON: Protector of the Playground by JAMAR NICHOLAS wins the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics!

Philly-based cartoonist Jamar Nicholas was surprised to find that his new long-awaited graphic novel LEON: Protector of the Playground won the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity last week at Long Beach Comic Expo.  While he was not able to attend the ceremony, he did release this brief acceptance video afterward.


I just completed the steps to enter to win this sweet poster from Dream Fury Comics... It's a crossover between their awesome webcomic CRESCENT CITY MONSTERS and some guy called the Black Panther (maybe you've heard of him?).
But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Czarface + MF DOOM, huh? Now I wanna DRAW!

When Steelo dropped this new Czarface/MF DOOM stream Nautical Depth in my timeline, he inadvertently took over my evening...

#NowPlaying Evidence -"WEATHER OR NOT" (full album)

If you like Dilated Peoples, you pro'lly need to check out this the label's youTube stream Weather or Not by veteran Los Angeles emcee Evidence. 

VIDEO- Ron Wimberly talks comics, culture, and his upcoming magazine LAAB

The immortal Ron Wimberly breaks off a small portion of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding for the fine folks at Beyond the Longbox in this fresh bit of YouTubery...

Mike Hawthorne BODIED this HULK VS THING cover...

 Mike Hawthorne can draw his ass off.  Check out what happened when Marvel asked him to draw this Hulk vs Thing cover to Marvel Two in One #3.  TRIGGER WARNING for all the Artists in attendance: Even though it hurts, you won't be able to look away...


Check out this fan art I drew this week of X-Men villain and Superman knockoff GLADIATOR.

MyComicStripClub.com presents DJINNX #1 by JR LeMar and Samax Amen

DJINNX is a comic strip series by J.R. LeMar and myself about a genie who's wish-granting skills could use some work...

BROTHERMAN added to the Smithsonian!

I have just learned that choice artifacts and original art from the groundbreaking independent comic Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline have been permanently secured as part of the Smithsonian's National African American Museum of History and Culture in Washington DC!

#NowPlaying at GhettoManga HQ DFW Raps Vol 1 mixtape by Too Fresh Productions

In the mood for a little BARBARIAN REVENGE?

Brandon Graham is one of my favorite cartoonists ever.  Brandon loves to play with the mechanics of comic book story telling, using every tool a cartoonist might have in his toolbox. For example, these pages are from Barbarian Revenge, a comic being read by Nik, the werewolf character in Multiple Warheads.

#MusicToDrawTo by Theory Hazit, drawings by Samax Amen

This drawing has nothing to do with Theory Hazit's new album The Soul Chops, but that's what was playing while I drew it, so here you go.  And uh, listen to the record below.

Alexa is stealing hearts up in this piece... #robophobic

Every time I turn around lately, someone is telling a cute little story about Alexa, America's favorite personification of Amazon since Gal Gadot...

REVIEW- Michael gives Terry Moore's horror comic "RACHEL RISING" a big cosign!

GhettoManga contributor Michael Lagocki is feeling that Terry Moore horror joint...
Terry Moore’s RACHEL RISING is blowing me away. It’s a horror comic about resurrected ————s who haunt the town they were once killed in. (redacted to avoid spoilers)

Marvel's gonna Marvel...

Look like Marvel is busy doing how they do... I drew this after hearing that Jim Starlin, who created Thanos and a lot of the Guardians of the Galaxy source material, wasn't compensated fairly for his impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

A few bars from KRUM...

My dude Alvertis tagged me in the comments under this acapella by Krum, which was pretty dope.  So here you go...

The NIOBE: SHE IS LIFE hardcover and NIOBE: SHE IS DEATH #1 came in the mail

My copy of the NIOBE: SHE IS LIFE hardcover and the first issue of the sequel series  NIOBE: SHE IS DEATH came in the mail yesterday, rewards for backing Stranger Comics' campaign for Niobe: She is Death #1 on Kickstarter. 

New Art- "BBWW2017" by Samax Amen

BBWW2017 is a drawing I was commissioned to do for Rick Evans of Last Call Comics, who wanted another plus size Wonder Woman drawing...

I COPPED IT- "Feel It", a print by Matt Warlick

I just got this print in the mail that I bought from Dallas area cartoonist, visionary illustrator, and GhettoManga contributor Matt Warlick.

PREVIEWS showcases MARVEL'S new BLACK PANTHER books and merch

Our mans Troy-Jeffrey Allen puts you onto some Black Panther swag available for pre-order in this month's Previews.

Cartoonists We Love- Keith Knight

I just chipped in to support the weekly comic skripping efforts of Keith Knight, author of K Chronicles, The Knight Life, and (Th)ink. Here's a piece he dropped earlier this month to big up the Obamacare open enrollment.

Got to rock out with KRUM this weekend...

Hometown hero Playdough KRUM was in full effect on Saturday for his 11:11 show at DIVISION in Arlington.  

Gabriel Luna + Felipe Smith talk Ghost Rider

Felipe Smith is one of our favorite creators, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is my favorite superhero tv show, so I enjoyed this brief featurette featuring Felipe and Gabriel Luna, who brought Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider to life (Felipe in the All-New Ghost Rider, and Luna in AoS), talking about their histories with the character and the new Sideshow Collectibles Ghost Rider figure.

Help us wish a Happy Birthday to PART TIME SHUFFLE creator JAMES STANLEY!

In honor of James Stanley's something-somethingth birthday, I finally copped a couple issues of his comic Part Time Shuffle!  If you haven't ordered it yet, I recommend you remedy that.  So here's some preview pages from the two existing issues to show you why you need it!

What about that new RAPSODY, though?!?

POWER, the new video by Rapsody, is now playing at GhettoManga headquarters, and we recommend you give it the ole stop, look, and listen...

Dawn Okoro explores hip hop's portrayal of women of color in DECONSTRUCTED VIXENS

We LOVE Austin-based painter Dawn Okoro, so I just wanted to put you on to this upcoming art show Deconstructed Vixens.

SNOOP DOGG doubles down on the Hater-In-Chief

At the risk of losing our claims to journalistic integrity, it should be said that there are no fans of Donald Trump working here at GhettoManga.  With that in mind, here's the cover to Make America Crip Again, by Long Beach G-rap veteran Snoop Dogg.

A few words about Noveliss's ode to Nujabes, "Kenjutsu Under the Moonlight"

"I only know how to communicate between these lines.
So my relationships have trouble surviving beyond the mic..."

Cool cartoon short: "ROAD BLOCK" by Sketch Fire

GhettoManga contributor and fellow lover of all the indy things Alvertis Williams reposted this awesome Sketchfire studios vid on the GM Facebook page this weekend.  

The Perceptionists: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Okay, so I'm getting my day started wit a musical blessing from the legendary Boston hip hop duo The Perceptionists, via the miracle of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series...


I love love love the Cartoon Network hit STEVEN UNIVERSE, and I love to see comics made out of content from other mediums (instead of it always being the other way around), so you know I'm happy to share this "CBR Exclusive" preview from STEVEN UNIVERSE: ANTI-GRAVITY.

"It's mine" and more comics and art by a Care Free Black Girl

Very few topics go from micro to macro faster than conversations about a black woman's hair.  The geopolitics surrounding black women's coifery will stagger you if you let it. 

Caitlin Rose Boyle posted her Oct & Nov postcard previews on Patreon

Fledgling  cartoonist Caitlin Rose Boyle caught my eye with her work on the cheeky teen book JONESY and now she has a neat offer of exclusive monthly postcards to her supporters on Patreon.

Ashley A. Woods is returning to her creator owned fantasy comic, MILLENNIA WAR

I love to see independent artists succeed, and I have been a fan of Chicago-based cartoonist Ashley A. Woods for a long time.  As such, I am fired up to see the announcement that she is soon returning to her creator-owned fantasy comic Millennia War.

Gerald Benton fan art by Samax Amen

To warm up for a day of comicking on Monday, I drew Gerald Benton, star of indie cartoonist Anthony Harris's debut comic 35. 

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