If I don't run with you, it's 'cause you move too slow." -Wiseman

"I was hungry, had no food on my shelf.
Had to do it myself.
read the credits I produced it myself.
Who should you help to make it on top?
Depends on who you know.
If I don't run with you, it's cause you move too slow..."

PREVIEW- The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine #1

Geoff Darrow's genre-bending action comic Shaolin Cowboy is back as a pulp magazine written by Andrew Vachss and illustrated by Darrow.

the mighty DETECTIVE BOOGALOO returns to the internets, but please don't call it a comeback...

I took a nap today, and when I woke up, I found an invitation to like a Detective Boogaloo Facebook page in my mailbox. The idea that my favorite webcomic of all time was making a return to the internet (and hopefully, eventually to print) was too thrilling for words, but that won't stop me from dropping a few...

"I kiss every baby and sign every breast..." -Vast Aire, speaking on history with the fans

You know we heart that nuh Vast Aire, so when my dude over at 808Crate.com slid me the link to this interview entitles "What Inspires Vast Aire" I already knew it was getting re-blogged before I even watched it for all my street nerdcore heads ...

Kung-fu Swagga is dead... LONG LIVE KUNG FU SWAGGA!!!

The original Kung Fu Swagga Kickstarter didn't make its goal. But like hip hop, KFS ain't dead, they're just changing the playlist...

I just copped a New Kindle book- "BadAzz Mofo's Book of Spaghetti Westerns" by David F Walker

I admit it: David Walker knows more than me about movies. That's why I was excited to see his book BadAzz MoFo's Book of SPAGHETTI WESTERNS available for the paltry sum of just $3 on Amazon!

PREVIEW- BlackAcre #1

 This three page preview for the upcoming Image book BlackAcre looks like a preview to a really dope post apocalypse sci-fi movie...

"My purpose catching bodies like safety nets at the circus..." -the mighty Pharoahe Monch

Here's Damage, off Pharoahe Monch's upcoming plate PTSD.

"Hoodratz In Space" is at the Printer!

Feast your eyes on the pencils to the cover of my buddy Erik Reeves' sci-fi rocker comic Hoodratz In Space #1. Peep the inks and final cover art below...

KICKSTART THIS- "Kung Fu Star" (art by Chase Conley)

Need more Kung Fu in your life? Of course you do! And I KNOW you need more art by that new nuh Chase Conley (Black Dynamite Animated Series, The Dresden Files: Fool Moon)! When I saw this, I HAD to put my pledge in to get that limited edition hardcover...

"I ain't a savior, just your neighbor like amazing Peter. Minus the spider bite,the webs, the aunt & uncle neither" -Jean Grae

This is what happens when you let an artist's artist like Jean Grae hold the steering wheel: The mighty Jeanius write her own rhymes, made the beat and directed and edited the video for Kill Screen. It was more than the internets could handle...

Comicbook World #68- This animal can survive in the vacuum of SPACE!

People often ask me where I get the ideas for my comics. The answer is real life of course! If you need inspiration for alien creatures, giant monsters or denizens of the deepest pits of hell, just go to your friendly neighborhood science website...

In Stores now- ELEPHANTMEN #43

 I posted this Brandon Graham cover to Elephantmen #43 last month, but I figured you'd wanna know when its available for purchase. Here's some preview pages too...

PREVIEW- Prophet #29

Because I never get tired of talking about Brandon Graham, here's a preview of the latest installment of his mind-melting revamp of Rob Liefeld's Prophet. Because Brandon seems committed to rocking the comics art world on a regular basis, this issue has a cover by Australian cartoonist and character designer Fil Barlow (Zooniverse, Eight Crazy Nights, Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles, The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury, Captain N: The Game Master).

Start the Day off Right with the FlipMode Squad

My dude Jamar dropped the video to Flipmode Squad single Cha Cha Cha on me yesterday (cause he does stuff like that). Though I was a big fan of Flipmode-era Busta Rhymes, I never saw this video because at the time I was pretty much divested from watching  television, ESPECIALLY music videos...

Peep Playdough's new video...

Here's Playdough's new video, King of Queens (because of the Queen sample, I guess?). Why dont'cha give it a look, tough guy?

PREVIEW- Voodoo #0

 I have heard both bad and good reports about Voodoo, and I haven't read it to say who's right. All I can say is the previews look great and hint at an interesting storyline...

#nowPlaying- "Not Really" by Homeboy Sandman

Not everyone likes Homeboy Sandman's super laid back flow... but I know I do, so peep the video for his new single Not Really.

I drew Dark City Comics' flagship character Epic

Here's a drawing I did this weekend of Epic for my Custom Art Sale. After Lonnie Lowe Jr. reached out to me to draw his company's flagship character, I looked into him a little...
colors by Brian Fajardo
It doesn't look like Lonnie's company Dark City Comics has any books out yet, but it looks like EPIC #1 is in production now, with art by Cyrus Hakim Hunter, who is nice with it. Here's some stuff I found on Facebook.

EPIC's wristbands are ancient artifacts that bestow upon him all kinds of cool powers, which I will not give away. Just based on the info the author gave me to do my piece, I'm looking forward to seeing more from Dark City, and EPIC in particular. Click here to check out the Dark City Facebook page, and I'll keep you posted here as well. Finally, If you wanna see process art from my Epic piece, click here.


#nowPlaying "De La Soul Is Dead"

I don't have any new music to recommend to you today, so here's an old classic album from the mighty De La Soul crew...

Deviation #120 "Afrocentric Storm" Series by ApexAbyss (trust me:YOU WANT TO SEE THIS)

 I am very proud of my own renditions of Storm I have done over the years, but THIS dude Jack Lewis aka ApexAbyss has won my respect with the brute force attack he calls his Afrocentric Storm series of pencil drawings!

"Godzilla Half Century War" cover art by Brandon Graham

Peep the cover artwork for James Stokoe's Godzilla: Half Century War#3 by his buddy Brandon Graham (Prophet, King City, Multiple Warheads).

"We don't HAVE any GOOD ROBOTS, Jake!!" -Princess Bubblegum

We all know I'm robophobic. I also love Adventure Time. So this preview from Adventure Time #8 where the heroes of Oo go against evil robots was a lock to get posted on GhettoManga...

From the Kindle Lending Library- "The Chip: A 21st Century Superhero"

Today I clicked on a Facebook ad for The Chip: A 21st Century Superhero, a sci-fi superhero novel written by George Jack, and there's also a comic with art by Shamus Beyale (who also did the novel's cover above), colored and lettered by Alex Passapera.

Prince + Dave Chappelle + ?uestlove + Animation = HELL YES!

Peep the 2nd trailer "Man with the Iron Fists" starring, written, and directed by the RZA.


 Everybody knows I freaking heart master comicbook monster maker James Stokoe, so I won't waste time talking about it, let's just peep this preview of Godzilla: Half-Century War...

"If you haven't failed yet, then you aren't trying hard enough..." -LeSean Thomas

You know we at GhettoManga can't get enough of that dude LeSean Thomas, producer of Black Dynamite and international man of mystery. So here's a cool interview we found by the fine folks at MyLevelUp+. Peep, and be blessed...

Comicbook World #67- Warp Drive technology is now "Plausible and worth further investigation..."

One of the things that makes science fiction awesome is aliens. Traveling to alien worlds- or having aliens come to Earth- would require faster-than-light travel, which is virtually impossible in the non-fictional universe we inhabit. The warp drive engine, a cornerstone of  space science-fiction, uses a cheat code built into the laws of physics. See, no object within the space-time continuum can travel faster than light, BUT there's nothing to say that space-time ITSELF can't move faster than light... 

Preview- "The 50th Law" comic adaptation by that dude Dave Crosland.

Did you know that one of our favorite indie cartoonists Dave Crosland (Everybody's Dead, Scarface:Scarred for Life) did the comics adaptation of 50 Cent's book the The 50th Law? Yeah, me neither...

Yeah... I drew @RossCambelll's character Shadoweyes...

Felt like doing fan art, but no mainstream stuff. Here's my drawing of Ross Campbell's monster/superhero character Shadoweyes.

#BegBorrowSteal- "Darius Logan and the Super Justice Force" by David F. Walker

I don't read novels much. Don't get me wrong: I read books, just not a lot of fiction. My fiction reading is largely limited to graphic novels, but I enjoy a "real" novel every now and then. When I saw David Walker (BadAzz Mofo, Blind Monkey Style) pimping Super Justice Force (The Adventures of Darius Logan), I bit the bait. I'm seriously glad I did...

#Kickstart THIS- Kung Fu Swagga: Welcome 2 Brickhaven

Ever since I first encountered  Houston-based writer Adrian Engmann on these internets, I have been waiting to see the release of Kung Fu Swagga, his hip hop martial arts comic. Now, the book is on Kickstarter. Peep a quick preview...

Homeboy Sandman calls in to KNON

Dallas hip hop radio jocks DJ Easy Eddie D and M. Slago interview that dude Homeboy Sandman on KDLT KNON 89.3FM

In Stores NOW- "Prince of Cats" by Ron mother-effing Wimberly

It had to happen eventually: Those ruthless bastards at Vertigo have unleashed Ron Wimberly (known in the international intelligence community by his codename D-pi) on that unsuspecting sliver of the public that still reads comics.  The visual assault comes in the form of Wimberly's new graphic novel Prince of Cats, which is in stores right now...

Some @ComicBookDiner Fan Art...

Felt like doing fan art, but no mainstream stuff. Here's a drawing of Rich Faber & John Gallagher's Roboy Red. John and Rich do a podcast with my dude Jamar under the moniker Comicbook Diner, so after I drew this I figured I oughta draw some other characters from the ComicBook Diner crew...

#DownloadThis "A Week In TX- What Could Have Been" by Rob Viktum

My dude Rob Viktum made some beats for a project that never came out because business is stupid or something. But Rob decided to give us us beats via the miracle of Bandcamp...

PREVIEW- Fanboys VS Zombies #6

I haven't gotten a chance to read Fanboys VS Zombies yet, but Sam Humphries is a beast and the art by Jerry Gaylord looks dope. It doesn't hurt to have covers by the likes of Khary Randolph and Felipe Smith to get people talking either...

In Stores now- "Dial H for Hero" #0

 I used to cut for Dial H for Hero when I was a kid for lots of reasons I won't get into unless you badger me in the comments. Suffice to say that I have read many incarnations of Dial H whenever DC would revive it I haven't read the reboot version, since I can't afford to really follow mainstream books anymore. But who cares about me? Here's a preview...


Like beat tapes, kaiju movies, indy comics and/or multimedia storytelling projects? Philly funk band Big Pimp Jones and the 70's pop-culture-fueled party machine Hot Peas and Butta have joined forces with illustrator Elroy Jenkins and comicbook artist Recs (his momma named him Rory Smith) to create the city-smashing Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown, which you can experience via ceedee, digital download, comicbook, or vinyl (or if you're smart like me, all of the above!)...  For all the cheapskates, here's some youTubery!

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