MegaRan has earned his spot as a nerdcore mogul the hard way, so I always check for his new drops.  He just dropped this mixtape RNDM BEATS ALL STARS on bandcamp today, and I'm only a few minutes into this 51 minute mix, but I'm diggin' it so I figure I ought'a share...

Tweet of the Week

PREVIEW- Fight of the Century

 I ran across this science-fiction mixed martial arts comic Fight of the Century on Facebook over the weekend, and was blown away by this incredible unlettered five-page preview they dropped yesterday...

A few words about Run The Jewels, and that Machiavelli shit

"Jewel runner, bitch! Make the name stick. Not for sale, but I'm taking payments..."
-El Producto
of Run The Jewels

Dem Atlas barely appears in his new video. SWEET!

Soulful rhymesayer Dem Atlas barely appears in this video for his melancholy alcoholic-rap joint In the Mud, which is one of the things I like about it...


Check out this press release  and preview art I got from that dude Anthony Ruttgaizer for the release of Aristocrats Comics' new all-ages comic Heroes of Homeroom C.

This episode of #KickstartTHIS has something for everybody!

So I get hit with a TON of Kickstarter campaigns and I generally don't get time to individually address each one.  That sucks, because I started GhettoManga to help get the word out about awesome independent projects.  So now I am rolling out #KickstartTHIS as a recurring feature here on GhettoManga, so that I can hip you to great projects you can back.  So let's dive into it!

Myth Smith concept art by @SamaxAmen

 Whaddup, fam! Check out this concept art I made for Mythworlde Media's monster smashing characters Myth Smith and Makeba the Unconquerable!

Building and destroying with Napoleon da Legend and Deepak Chopra. 

"AZ in 'Doe or Die', I'm rather unique. I'd rather teach you how to fish, because I'd rather you eat..."
-Napoleon da Legend

"I feel like as an artist I need to start drawing pictures of super heroes beating up Nazis..." @OlaBetiku

Peep the new MADVILLAIN track and figure, AVALANCHE!

You swear you stay fresh, but you ain't even know about that new MADVILLAIN figure did you? The one that comes with the 7" vinyl release of MF DOOM and MADLIB'S single AVALANCHE? Oh, you did? I guess I was the only one who didn't know...

Peep these FULL COLOR preview pages from Robert Love's NUMBER 13

 That dude Robert Love leaked a few pages from the next installment of his post-apocalyptic action comic Number 13 today.  As you can imagine, I'm psyched!

Happy Birthday Venomous2000!

I just found out one of my favorite emcees was celebrating his birthday today, so here's The People Want More by Venomous 2000 (f/ DJ EndK), so we can join the party...

"You bastards overlooking street art, better yet street smarts, but you keep us off the charts..." -Phife Dawg #rip

I'll add words later.  For now:
sigh. . .

Somebody tell me: Is THE PROWLER as DOPE as it looks?

 So I vaguely remember seeing this cover to The Prowler #1 in stores and thinking the art was nice-looking... but I was only mildly tempted to look at it, let alone buy the thing.  Fast-forward today. After spotting "story so far" page from the preview to issue 2 below, which lays out the premise of the series... I am FIENDING to read this shit!

A couple preview pages from the next issue of Genndy Tartakovsky's CAGE!

 So Genndy Tartakovsky's doing that thing he does with Power Man in the second issue of CAGE! Here's a couple pages I snatched from the internets...

"Wakanda is not just a country. Wakanda is a nation." Ta-Nehisi Coates, in a dope Q+A at Amalgam Comics

In case you missed it, here's an awesome Q & A with award-winning scribe Ta-Nehisi Coates, emceed by veteran comics illustrator Eric Battle and hosted at Amalgam Comics in Philly, brought to you by the fine folks at ReelBlack.

In stores TODAY --- BLACK PANTHER #8

 Current events got you down, fam?  I hear you... Just do what I did: Roll to the comic shop and cop something to read... like the latest issue of Black Panther...  

Peep this dope live-action/animated hip hop video STRANGE TECHNOLOGY by L'orange + Lif

Surrounded on all sides as I am these days by people who want to evoke the spirit of Seduction of the Innocent for their own purposes (whether it's black intellectual analysis of Luke Cage, or feminist hatred of Frank Cho), I generally take the position that objectionable funny book characters are not gonna kill you.  Whether you agree or disagree, you need to peep this video for Strange Technology by L'orange and Mr. Lif (f/Akrobatik & Gonjasufi).  Just because...

#DownloadThis - SOUL OF THE CITY II by Shyne On Me

Right when I'm thinking social media has nothing to offer me, I got sucked in by the cover art to SOUL Of The CITY II on Twitter. This album by Shyne on Me, a D.C. area rhymer I never heard of before, may have single-handedly saved the internets from the blazing fires of my indifference...

Visuals for the KOOL KEITH x MF DOOM collab SUPER HERO, plus a stream of the album FEATURE MAGNETIC!

You already know I had to post the video for that Kool Keith joint SuperHero (featuring MF DOOM) by "Aardman Nathan Love" Creative Studio...

Revolutionary Times x Lupe Fiasco = SMACK! SpeedComics Vol. 42 - Targets

Here's another process video by that dude Sean Mack (The Revolutionary Times, RED), over a fresh Lupe Fiasco joint...

Start the day off Right with Wise Intelligent #InvestInIntelligence

"I am not here for contention.
You are not my competition
It's prophetic premonition
I see Zion in this vision..."
-Wise Intelligent 

That #BlackGirlMagic is on FULL DISPLAY in this WORLD OF WAKANDA preview!

I already know you're feeling this cover art to Black Panther: World of Wakanda by the mighty Afua Richardson, so go ahead and peep the rest of the preview art below and we can chop it up when you get done...

That #BlackGirlMagic is on FULL DISPLAY in this WORLD OF WAKANDA preview!

I already know you're feeling this cover art to Black Panther: World of Wakanda by the mighty Afua Richardson, so go ahead and peep the rest of the preview art below and we can chop it up when you get done...

That #BlackGirlMagic is on FULL DISPLAY in this WORLD OF WAKANDA preview!

I already know you're feeling this cover art to Black Panther: World of Wakanda by the mighty Afua Richardson, so go ahead and peep the rest of the preview art below and we can chop it up when you get done...

"Confronting Racism Through Comedy" a Reelblack interview with Judah Friedlander

The fine folks at Reelblack conducted this great interview with the totally not black Judah Friedlander, primarily about how he confronts racism through comedy.  Good stuff...

In Stores Now- MOSAIC #1 by @GeoffreyThorne and @KharyRandolph!

"I love science fiction, hip hop and sports.  This project has all three in huge quantities"
-Khary Randolph

New episode of "Oh, Jay..." by Jay (@Doctor_Hue) Kelley and @SamaxAmen, plus a few words about Colin Kaepernick

 Yes, there really IS a new episode of Oh, Jay... by underground comix writer and humorist Jay Kelley (with art by me) ready for for your consumption below!

Ron Wimberly drops one page comic about Brooklyn pop-op radio station for The New Yorker

It's been a minute since I blessed you with anything from that dude D-Pi (Ron Wimberly if you're nasty), but I had to take a second to drop this one page comic I swiped off The New Yorker's website.  It's a one page documentary about an independent radio station in Brooklyn...

SPOILER ALERT N!GGA! Peep that @MethodMan cameo/music video from @LukeCage

In case you somehow managed to to not know, Marvel's highly anticipated Netflix series Luke Cage dropped this weekend.  This music video Bulletproof Love by Method Man (ripped in full directly from an episode of the series) stands as a great example of how the show pays homage and respect to black pop culture.

NEW "Oh, Jay..." by Jay Kelley (aka @Doctor_Hue) & @SamaxAmen!

Welcome to the latest installment of Oh, Jay... a  comic strip inspired by Houston-based writer/comedian Jay Kelley's social media updates...

"The mask was bright as lightning. Same type of shinin' got them Teen Titans fightin'..." -MF DOOM

SQUEEEE!!! Kool Keith got the supervillain MF DOOM on his single Super Hero which dropped last month, while I was sleeping.  But it's still dope now, so here you go...

IN STORES NOW- Cage + Fist #8

The black super hero breaks his best friend out of jail... WAIT!  Stay with me now, it's the latest issue of Cage & Fist, also known as Power Man & Iron Fist #8!  Peep the free preview (without much ado from me) below.

#NowPlaying- BASQUIAT ON THE DRAW by Apollo Brown & Skyzoo

I can't deal with you right now, America...  Retreating back into my black books and brain-rattling street hop, I ran into Basquiat on the Draw by Apollo Brown & Skyzoo... Bars...

"If iron sharpens iron THEN YOUR CREW MUST HAVE ANEMIA!" @iamKRUM x @illmindPRODUCER

Whoa. The Artist Formerly Known as Playdough gets ig'nant and indignant over an ominous !llMind beat for Flare Factor...

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